People ask me what I see for the future of humanity. They ask me because I’ve seen things in the past that have come to pass and they want to know what I sense is on the table for us now during these stormy times. I sometimes find the question difficult to answer. It’s not difficult to answer because I don’t see, it’s difficult to answer because I do see and I know that it’s important to choose my words wisely.

In the past few months, this topic has come up many times with clients, students, friends and in my community. Where are we headed? What’s happening? What’s important for me to know? What’s important for me to do?

While it’s easy enough to say that we are in a time of great change, the details of that change are challenging to understand through thinking and the mind. The shifts in humanity and the answers to what is happening really can only be felt through the heart. The cultivation of unconditional love and universal compassion is what’s on the table for humanity perhaps now more than ever.

It’s important for us to understand that we are moving through a collective upheaval on our planet. It’s been going on for a while but we are coming to a crux and change point. Many of us can feel a sense of something “looming” and yet, we often have difficulty defining what it is. People will talk about the state of the environment, human rights, justice and politics around the world. Yes, all of these things are part of it. People often say that their hearts’ feel heavy. Many are fearful and fear can take on many forms both personally and collectively.

What can we do in this time of change? There are always calls to action, and yet action without heart and wisdom often look like a toddler’s tantrum or teen rebellion. What does heart and wisdom look like and feel like at this time? The safeguarding of the heart and the capacity to feel personal love and wider unconditional love, compassion and empathy, kindness, a sense of innocence and to recognize beauty – to have the courage to do this in these times is crucial. We do not have the luxury to cut off from feeling, to deny, to avoid or ignore. The heart qualities that I am talking about are core values for many of us. Not all of us, but many. Some human beings are focused solely on transactional relating and are about using and taking from others. Many of us who are on spiritual paths want very much to believe that we all have access to core values of heart. Life experience has shown me otherwise and those who only engage in transactional relating will have a really tough time in these coming years. To those of us who can remember that cultivating a sense of goodness and innocence of heart, even in the face of fear, even in the face of ugliness, poor behavior and disappointment, we need to know that these are perhaps the biggest gifts we can give to ourselves and to humanity at this time.

The people of this earth are extraordinary beings in so many ways; ways that we have yet to fully understand. They are also traumatized beings. No matter which part of the world we come from, no matter who we are, most all of us have experienced enough trauma both personally and in our genetic inheritance (DNA) that our capacity to feel love can become diminished if heart values are not actively cultivated. The process that many of us have been undergoing on this planet is a process of reconnecting to the heart, to feel, to heal from trauma both ancestral and personal, to love deeply and to understand that we are not our thoughts. Thoughts are tricky, love is not.

Whatever brings about depth of love and feelings of kindness and caring – do whatever that is – feel that, as much as you can. Don’t put up barriers to real intimacy with others. If you are partnered well, make sure you hold an open door policy to love and strengthen your relationship with love. A loving couple with a shared common vision is a powerful force in a modern world where disposable relationships are what are for sale. Hold openness with others, welcome transparency when people offer it and hold them with care when they do. People have been taught to hide from themselves and from others, many people have unhealed shame. Be a soft place for their transparency.

A lot of people often feel alone, each of us in our individuals bodies, our own thoughts and yet we are intimately interconnected beings and as we choose to live in ways that reflect core values of heart, we affect those around us – we awaken the hearts of those we come into contact with, we awaken them to feel, to heal and to choose their own more deeply connected hearts. The power of an open and loving heart should not be underestimated in these times.

We’re moving into what will feel like very crazy times for most people. We will be shocked and likely more than once. Sleep has been disrupted for many people and this may continue on and off as the months go on. Revaluations of lifestyles along with considerations about physical location changes are in the mix too. Many people are feeling uncertain about their course in life, work and relationships when they previously felt stronger and clearer. It can be easy to feel depressed, isolated, lonely and separate if we do not actively cultivate the heart qualities that we have access to. It’s important for us to reach out regularly to those who hold us with love. It’s important to have a daily practice that connects us to our hearts, and to generate compassion for ourselves and for others. By doing so we are in direct relationship with the heart of creation.

Be well, Dear Ones.

~ Lisa

© Lisa Redstone, 2017







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