Love and Fear


So much of the suffering in humanity is created by fear. Fear has many forms and many faces. Anxiety, a common expression of fear is something I come across often. The curious thing about anxiety (not to be confused with situations where a fear reaction to imminent harm is appropriate) is that if we are truly present, […]

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Heart and Humanity

People ask me what I see for the future of humanity. They ask me because I’ve seen things in the past that have come to pass and they want to know what I sense is on the table for us now during these stormy times. I sometimes find the question difficult to answer. It’s not difficult to […]

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Loving Fiercely In Difficult Times

Through the years I have been told by a few people that I wear my heart on my sleeve, that I should get a thicker skin, that I should not share all of who I am with others because I could get hurt, that I “feel” too much about people and world events. These things were […]

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Love as Wide as an Ocean

I lay on the dampened earth surrounded by moss and the scent of sweet grass. Allowing my body to be heavy, allowing my body to be held by the earth, allowing the nourishing warmth of the sun, allowing the tiny pleasures of just living and breathing deeply. There was nowhere to be. There was nowhere to […]

The Ways of A True Human Being

25 plus years ago I, like many people on a spiritual path at a certain point, identified primarily with “love and light.” I didn’t want to look at shadow in the world, in others, in myself. Yet, the shadow showed up every which way and most particularly in my relationships. I so wanted the pretend-cozy blanket […]

Tales of Love and Yarn

When I was sixteen, a woman named Jackie came to live with my family. Jackie was in her late sixties, Jewish by birth and with a distinctly Buddhist outlook on life. She had been a family friend for many years and when she came to live with us, she had spinal cancer and she was […]

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My Dearest Daughter

My Dearest Daughter,

I’d like to share some things with you about this journey of life because I love you and it is time.

In some places in this world, girls your age are given a ceremony to bring them into the next stage of their journey as a young woman. The Grandmothers and Mothers prepare the […]

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Loneliness Wears Tall Rain Boots

Loneliness wears tall rain boots and has no problem getting muddy in the thick of it all. Her face is a beautiful oval, her eyes, wide pools that you could fall into if you had the courage to do so. Admittedly, her bones ache with the borrowed pain of her ancestors; pain that she doesn’t […]

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True Self: No More Hustling for Your Worthiness

We sat on the earth crossed-legged, facing one another, the long golden-white arms of winter sunlight stretching out towards us. Matthew picked up a smooth stone and began tumbling it through his fingers. He looked up at me with intense, blue eyes. “That’s the thing,” he said, “I don’t know who I am.” He stared […]

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What Does it Mean to Be a True Human Being?

It’s been an honor to work with so many remarkable and courageous human beings through my almost 25 years as a healing facilitator, teacher and spiritual counselor. My life has been woven with the multi-colored threads of so many stories; delicate and sturdy threads of heart, mind, body and soul. Through the years of time […]

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