For 25 years, speaker, spiritual counselor and skilled intuitive, Lisa Redstone has offered her services to help her clients live with more clarity, vitality, connection, well-being, and love.

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Loving Fiercely In Difficult Times

Through the years I have been told by a few people that I wear my heart on my sleeve, that I should get a thicker skin, that I should not share all of who I am with others because I could get hurt, that I “feel” too much about people and world events. These things were […]


Love as Wide as an Ocean

I lay on the dampened earth surrounded by moss and the scent of sweet grass. Allowing my body to be heavy, allowing my body to be held by the earth, allowing the nourishing warmth of the sun, allowing the tiny pleasures of just living and breathing deeply. There was nowhere to be. There was nowhere to […]

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